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Pulsar kegged and first taste

So the pulsar finally calmed down and hit an FG of 1008. The krausen stayed to the end, lasting nigh on 2 weeks, which meant I ended up dry hopping through the foam. with such a low FG the brew … Continue reading

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Pulsar ferment

This brew continues to educate. For the first time ever I came down the morning after pitching yeast to find the brew doing nothing! Slight panic then ensued, but not to worry, by mid afternoon the yeast had woken and … Continue reading

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All Grain 5 – Pulsar Pale Ale

The last brew, the Stellar Nova Enkel, was the first of 3 brews I had bought ingredients for all together a couple of months ago. My original plan had been to do a second batch of the Golden Summer Ale … Continue reading

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