Brewing never ceases to be a learning experience. The most recent lesson was beware the perils of diacetyl. Crux finished fermenting inside a week, so I crash chilled it then kegged it in a cornie. A few days later, when I took my first pint off, I was hit by a wall of buttery taste. It seems, despite hitting FG, my brew wasn’t done. With previous brews conditioned in the bottle or in plastic kegs I’d not been bitten by this before, but with the cornie and the early kegging it seems the yeast never had chance to clean it up.

Left with 19l of butterbeer it seemed my run of beer failure was unbroken, but luckily I had another brew on the go, a batch of lager. When the high krausen eased back I transferred a pint or so over to the Crux, and put the cornie back under 10 psi of pressure, then moved it into the house to warm up. A week or so later it got chilled down again, and the diacetyl is much more restrained now.

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