Brew Fridge

While I am a hardened bitter drinker, my other half prefers lager. Over the last few years I’ve done a few lager kits for her, with the most successful being the Coopers Mexican Cervesa. Indeed the last kit I did was one of these. However, in my brave, new all grain world I’m trying to be kit free. The coopers is a very forgiving kit, happily fermenting away with no ill effects at room temperature, but if I’m going authentic, with a proper lager yeast, then cool is the way forward, especially for the post-ferment conditioning. To that end I’ve knocked together a temperature controlled brew fridge.

The fridge itself came from freecycle, and is designed to go in a cupboard, but sits on top of the spare freezer in the garage pretty well. Temperature control is provided by an ATC-800+ that came from here. Heat is provided by a 60W tube heater from toolstation.

Originally I’d planned to hard-wire the fridge and heater to the controller, but in the end I stuck sockets on the end of some cables. This should mean I can repurpose the unit for use with the boiler in the future.

The controller itself comes without any enclosure, so here’s it’s been fitted into a fairly bog standard IP55 enclosure that had a suitable hole cut in the front plate.

The tube heater is just sat in a door bin for now, but it should be fairly easy to mount it to the inside of the fridge. Cable running it the other challenge, and for now power for the heater, and access for the ATC’s temperature sensor both just deform the door seal.

The first big test of the new setup is also my first attempt at an all grain lager. But more on that in another post.

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