Seems the brewing gods finally turned against me this summer. First there was the black IPA tide that flowed through the kitchen (I still owe my wife several new pairs of shoes), and now I have been stuck with a tainted brew.

The first hint of trouble was at kegging time. I always take a small amount off for early tasting. THis tends to be a bit of a yeasty experience, but usually gives me a good hint as to what the finished beer will be like. This time, however, there was a fairly nasty side taste to the brew.

I gave the brew the benefit of the doubt, but now, 6 weeks later, the off taste is still there. Looking through my various books I’m stll slightly at a loss as to what’s happend, but my working hypothosis is it was a yeast problem.

The Yeast I used was a second generation S-04 that was left over after the failed extract brew I did for Rob the Malt Miller. That brew finished with a high FG, but didn’t show any of these flavours. I washed the yeast and refrigerated it for a couple of weeks till I used it. It seemed to get going ok, and FG for this brew was fine, but I wonder if the washed starter was heavy in dead yeast from the previous brew, and I’ve been left with a whole load of autolysed yeast in the brew.

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