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1000 Blank White Cards

This is a very silly game. The premise is that you draw your own cards and try to be as outrageous as possible without everyone shouting at you.

The rules:

If you're playing this for the first time then you start out with a deck of blank white cards. We used index cards and cut them in half. Give each player six blank cards. Players then draw anything they want on the blank cards.

Decide who starts randomly, eg the oldest player or youngest or who has a red t-shirt.

Play out one card and then pick up a blank card and draw on it.

Play until all of the blank cards have been used. Then total up the points.

When you've played this once, shuffle the cards you've already drawn into the blank pack so when you pick a face down card you have the chance of either taking a blank card or one which has been drawn already. Only keep the best ones after each game and discard any which are game specific (eg to counter a particular card).

Does winning have a point in this game? Hell no!

You get extra points if your card is voted the best in the pack for that game.

It really is up to you to decide how many blank cards you have and how the winner is determined but that's what we did. This game is all about originality so go and do your own thing.

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