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I have been writing for several years now, both orignal fiction and fan fiction. I hope to post more stories here as they are written.

I have recently started putting together a guide to the world of fan fiction. The first part, a glossary of terms and abbreviations is now available.

The Mote Story Cycle was written for an open source computer game project which is no longer active. It was based on the Elite universe and was to be a multi-player trading universe. I also wrote a short introduction to the universe, which I would recommend reading first. See the link for more information.

Currently I have Enterprise, NCIS and KnightRider/Airwolf fiction in progress.

New! I have just started a mailing list for anyone who would like to be updated when I post new chapters and stories. Email me if you would like to be added (feel free to specify fandom if you're only interested in one).

New! I've finished building the Internet Shrine to Dead Characters. Go mourn our favourite fallen characters there.

I welcome feedback and reviews of my work.

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