Team Management

RABBL is a small Blood Bowl League based in Radley, Oxfordshire. Games are played whenever Coaches are available.

There will be a short, mid-season, break until the beginning of November, hopefully once all round three matches are complete:

Match Reports
    Home - Away
    Round Three

V: The Final Touchdown (Lizardmen) v. The Blood (Vampires)
Brightfire Banshees (Elves) v. Brutal Andrex (Humans)
Valkyries' Kiss (Amazons) v. Hellpit Hellraisers (Skaven)

    Round Four
    Brutal Andrex (Humans) v. V: The Final Touchdown (Lizardmen)
The Blood (Vampires) v. Valkyries' Kiss (Amazons)
Hellpit Hellraisers (Skaven) v. Brightfire Banshees (Elves)
    Round Five
    The Blood (Vampires) v. Hellpit Hellraisers (Skaven)
Brutal Andrex (Humans) v. Valkyries' Kiss (Amazons)
V: The Final Touchdown (Lizardmen) v. Brightfire Banshees (Elves)